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Affiliate Marketing


What Types of Affiliates Can You Work With?

There is a an old argument that the affiliate channel is just full of discount and cashback partners. Yes,…

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What is affiliate network override?

If you are looking to launch an affiliate program, then it is important to know all the cost implications…

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Partnerize Launches Intelligent Partner Discovery

The launch of Intelligent Partner Discovery is a major step forward for the Saas platform. I was invited to…

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Private Network vs Affiliate Network

Over the past few years we have seen more and more brands move to private networks. The flexibility coupled…

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Should You Use An Affiliate Agency

This is a much debated question in the affiliate space. As outside affiliate management I fall under the agency…

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5 Ways To Deliver Better Affiliate ROI

Strong returns on investment (ROI) is a forte of affiliate programs, and the reason many brands launch in the…

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