Interested in launching an affiliate program, or need help taking your current one to the next level?


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Full or part-time management of your affiliate program no matter what stage it is at.

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Let me support your team and give them all the resources and guidance to succeed.



 The affiliate channels only pay on a sale basis is a big reason it is so successful. But, layer onto that expensive tenancies and things can soon get out of hand.

I work with my clients to structure an ROI model that incentivises partner success.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitor are and aren’t doing in the affiliate spaces is key to gaining the advantage.

I analyse program details and current partner portfolio to develop an action plan.


Affiliate network reporting dashboards can often not tell the full story.

My third-party tools enable me to find and act on the true affiliate data on a daily basis.


An affiliate program should be effectively talking to all their partners regularly. As programs scale that can become more difficult. 

I curate and send targeted communications to segmented affiliates to encourage greater open and click through rates. 


The affiliate industry is a relationships business. Having worked in the channel for the best part of a decade I have forged longterm relationships.

It is these relationships that enable my brands to get listed quicker and receive better terms for additional coverage.


It is important to be able to develop strategies that solve brand problem areas while delivering high numbers of sales.

The affiliate channel shouldn’t cannibalise other digital channels but offer a cost-effective way for brands to find new audiences and create more orders. 

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