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How to Recruit Affiliates Using Google

Everybody knows Google is big, but how big is it exactly and can you use it to your advantage when trying to recruit new affiliates?

Well, Google currently has a 92% market share in the search engine space. On average, every day, there are around 5.6bn searches made on Google throughout the world.

So, I think we can agree it is an absolute behemoth. But, how can you use it for recruitment?

Active recruitment is a key part of any affiliate managers role. Broken down it means actively seeking out, speaking to and onboarding affiliates that you feel synergise with your business.

Now, as Google is so big it creates a great chance to find new publishers. Though, being targeted in your efforts will ensure greater success.

Below we have brought businesses of any size 5 ways they can use Google as an active affiliate recruitment tool.

Let me know in the comments which one you use, or if you have any other ways to utilise the world’s biggest search engine to your programs advantage.

1. Search Keywords

There is no better place to start than to use Google as your customers would.

Create a list of keywords associated with your brand and start by performing searches to see which sites come up.

Hopefully, you should find a ton of blogs and websites that are already active in your niche. Prioritise by their current rankings in Google as this should dictate search traffic from that keyword search.

2. Adwords

Not every affiliate program can invest in paid search activity. Though, those that do could get the upper hand on rivals.

Publishers are always looking for new programs to join. So, if they are looking for keywords around a competitor program why not try and hijack it so the affiliates join you instead.

Even if the affiliate doesn’t join straight away you are laying the groundwork. In the ads, call out your higher rate or program benefits. That way, when they become frustrated with your rivals program, they will remember your key points of difference.

3. List Articles

Typically, list articles rank highly in Google. They are also full of affiliate links most of the time.

You could adapt your keyword research from point 1 and add ‘Best’ or ‘Top 10’ to narrow down your search.


4. Forums

These still play a big part in how people consume information on any given subject.

Is there a forum in your niche?

If so, you could use it as a way to recruit affiliates, but also to find new customers for your brand.

When people are hesitant about new brands or products they might often seek the approval or advice of their peers. Forums drop your brand right in the middle of like-minded individuals who could offer valuable feedback.

5. Brand + Coupon

Adding ‘coupon’ or ‘discount’ after your competitors brand name can be a great source of affiliates.

By typing this into Google, a brand could find a ton of affiliates in the discount space.

Target those that rank higher as they will typically have a good SEO ranking for most brands not just your competitors. Get your brand listed with them and watch them drive organic search traffic from high-intent customers looking for a coupon from your brand.

Build on this by giving them an exclusive code to boost conversion rates.


As you can see from the list above, there are a few different approaches to finding affiliates on Google.

Are you using any of these tactics already? Let us know in the comments section below.

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