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Affiliate Agency Management Without the Cost

Having worked for an agency in the past, I know it can be expensive. My flexible pricing plan enables you to gain everything an affiliate agency can provide but without the large fee.

How? Agencies inflate their prices to cover expensive offices, swollen account teams and agency perks. I have created a suite of tech tools to streamline bulky admin tasks, efficiently communicate with my partners and recruit at scale. It leaves me more time to develop affiliate relationships and build long-term strategies for my clients.

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Affiliate Marketing Problems

High network fees and low-level account management can be a real barrier for growth for your program. Relying on a network to solely manage your program is going to lead to disappointment. They are optimised and incentivised (network override) to get you to spend more money.

I partner my clients with the best network or Saas platform that enables us to hit the sweet spot between an affordable price and a suite of tools to incentivise our partners and protect margins. This will lead to an affiliate program delivering fantastic ROI.

Affiliate Marketing


What is affiliate marketing?

In its simplest terms, affiliate marketing is rewarding a publisher for creating a qualified action on your site. That action could be entering details in a form, purchasing a product, or signing up to a subscription plan. How you reward that publisher is up to you as a brand. Typically this will be a cash incentive, either in the form of a percentage of order value (commission) or a single payment amount per action. Sometimes you might like to combine the two and offer a commission plus bonus for every qualified action.

Should I hire an affiliate specialist?

A dedicated affiliate specialist comes with a depth of channel experience to deliver expertise and insights to be able to succed. This could be competitor or vertical experience, partner relationships, contract negotiations, proven case studies and much more.

What is my expected sales mix from affiliates?

This can depend on your attribution model. But, most brands can expect a sales mix of between 10-25% from their affiliate marketing activity.

Should I launch an affiliate program?

In a word, yes. Your competitors are probably already doing it, and the flexibility of the channel makes it accessible for both btc and btb businesses. If you are worried about cost, the barrier to entry is pretty low, and unlike other channels, you are paying on performance once a partner delivers a qualified order. Read more reasons why here.

How long till I see results?

Core partners in the affiliate channel like cashback and discount, operate lower in the customer sales funnel. If brand awareness is strong it can be typical to see orders coming through days after launch. Every brand is different, and I build a specific strategy for launch on a brand by brand basis.

What about international strategies?

I have a network of affiliate professionals across Europe I partner with to enable brands to rollout successfully in new markets. The key foundation would always start with detailed market research and publisher feedback. This establishes potential market penetration, and helps build out a more detailed affiliate strategy for the chosen territory.

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