Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi, I’m Sam Brady

My ultimate goal with this site is to educate my readers on the benefits of affiliate marketing. No matter whether you are selling a product/service or are promoting a company as an affiliate.

Having worked on both sides. First as an affiliate marketer then managing programs for some of the world’s most recognised brands. I have learnt a few things along the way. My goal is to pass this knowledge over to you so you are more equipped to be successful in affiliate marketing.

But, I don’t give all this information away for free.

I practice what I preach and within my blogs, guides and resources I affiliate link to companies. It is exactly what I tell to those looking to get into affiliate marketing and each company is sourced and vetted by me personally. A lot of them I genuinely use on a daily basis to run this site or manage my client’s affiliate programs.

Importantly though, I never receive free products, services or anything else in return for featuring a brand on the site. The companies and services I recommended are those that I believe will benefit you and help you gain a competitive edge. I just receive a commission if you click through my links and purchase or sign-up with them.

It is difficult to list each and every affiliate agreement I have. So, assume that if there is an external link on my site then there is a strong likelihood that I will receive a commission.

Should have any questions with regards to this affiliate disclaimer, please contact me through the contact page.

Thanks for your time

Sam Brady