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Affluent Review 2021 | Affiliate Reporting Tool

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Want to know if Affluent is the right affiliate reporting tool for your program? Read our detailed Affluent review.

What Is Affluent?

Affluent is a third-party affiliate reporting tool that connects with your affiliate networks via an API. This enables it to pull in your affiliate network data and allow you to create custom dashboards. They track over $10 billion in annual affiliate revenue for publishers, agencies and advertisers alike.
There are a few different affiliate reporting tools, but this is the software I personally use. Having been a user of Affluent for just over two years I will go through the key features of the tool and how I utilise them to manage my accounts.
Objectively, I would also like to point out areas where I think the software can be improved.
You might be reading this and thinking why do I need an affiliate tool? My network shows me how I’m performing, so why pay out for something extra.
The key difference is time. Any affiliate data on a network is normally hidden in many different reports. Program managers then have to spend important time trying to find actionable insights. A reporting tool allows you to see all those individual reports in one handy dashboard.
Secondly, you want to attribute your affiliate data against internal KPI’s. With this software, you can add targets, agency fees or even placement costs. This ensures you are aligning your affiliate performance with that of the wider digital business. Even working back to your programs true ROI.

Affluent Features

Okay, so there are quite a few different Affluent features. But, here are my top ones.

Brand Dashboards

Partner Performance

Custom Reports

Any affiliate marketers reading this can also benefit hugely from Affluent. It isn’t only for program managers.
As an affiliate, your performance data will be across multiple networks. Affluent can enable you to merge all that activity into one place.
Next, let’s look at pricing.

Affluent Pricing


The great thing about Affluent is there is an option to try out their software for FREE. Although there are limitations around the number of transactions, it’s a good starting point. 

Here are all Affluent’s pricing options as of April 2021:

Affluent Free Plan

The FREE plan includes:

Affluent Startup Plan

The Startup plan includes:

Affluent Business Plan

The Business plan includes:

Affluent Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan includes:

Benefits of Affluent

I have used Affluent to help me manage my affiliate programs for several years. In this time, my clients and I have found it an integral tool for analysing our affiliate data in more detail.
Looking at the tool, the key benefits can fall into two main categories: user benefits and the affiliates benefit.

Affluent Benefits for the User

Affluent has everything an affiliate manager needs to get started. You can:
These tools alone replace your complicated spreadsheets to get an accurate view of performance.
Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting can be time-consuming. With the time it takes to find, download and repurpose your affiliate network data, you could be doing more beneficial tasks.
Affluent allows you to spend more time analysing and creating actionable insights.
From a program managers perspective adding an additional brand into the mix can lead to more headaches. Another brand means more numbers to sift through and partners to engage and incentivise. By streamlining a lot of this process, Affluent will give you extra hours in the day to build your relationships. Enabling you to better optimise your affiliate partners.
The UI for this reporting tool is simple and intuitive. Upon login, you are met with your account overview (which includes all your brands). A sidebar helps navigate the user to their desired destination within the platform.
Fewer distractions increase your focus on the key task at hand, analysing the numbers.

Affluents Benefits for Your Affiliates

The typical affiliate program can consist of hundreds even thousands of partners. It is difficult for everyone to get their voices heard.
Affiliates put in a lot of hard work to promote brands. Affluent makes it easier to see these efforts.
By alerting you of any affiliate opportunities it is drawing the program managers eye away from the big players. Some managers just rely on the top affiliates to make the majority of their revenue. But, we know a healthy affiliate program should always be engaging with new partners for continued growth.

Drawbacks of Affluent

Not every tool I use is going to be perfect. There are always going to be tweaks that can cater to our individual needs.

These are fairly small drawbacks and will not stop you from jumping in and using Affluent with ease. They definitely do not outweigh the benefits that I and lots of other users get from the platform.


So, that is it – my review of the affiliate reporting tool I use almost every day to manage my programs.
You can find access to more Affluent resources below.
Feel free to drop me a note in the comments section if you use Affluent or prefer a different affiliate reporting tool.

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