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Partnerize Launches Intelligent Partner Discovery

The launch of Intelligent Partner Discovery is a major step forward for the Saas platform. I was invited to Partnerize’s Innovation Day yesterday to get an exclusive view of their brand new product release.

A limitation with Saas platforms like Partnerize from those viewing from the warm bosom of their affiliate networks, has always been partner discovery. Yes, they offer superior tracking, innovate payment models and more. But, to some brands the lack of built-in publisher discovery has held them back from making the leap.

Partner discovery is integral to any brand looking for incremental growth in the affiliate channel. The behemoth affiliates we know and love are great for driving big numbers, and are the backbone to nearly all successful programs. But, is there a saturation level to this? There are only so many discounts you can push out, and how many customers are signed up to more than one publisher? As partners continue to innovate and gain traction in new verticals (VCUK’s student proposition for example), then the crossover will only potentially grow.

So, how does a brand find new customers to target? The answer is proactive recruitment, and doing this effectively at scale. This comes in two forms.

Inviting Network Publishers

For this to be successful, you need the networks to be actively recruiting publishers with an affinity to your brand. To stop wasted work it is imperative that outdated publishers are removed from the network and some kind of data into the publisher is given. We can’t rely on the publisher to sell themselves to every brand.

With Partnerize’s new discovery tool you can easily search and find new partners from their database. Each search result will also offer detailed information about the publisher and their performance. This could offer powerful insight into the success of any new partnership.

Not only that, but Partnerize’s new machine learning will curate that search list. It will highlight partners that have a higher propensity of being a successful partner for your brand.

Source New Affiliates

This is time consuming, but is integral for your affiliate manager to be doing on a weekly basis. It is also something no network (traditional or Saas) will be able to do effectively for you. Saas platforms don’t do this at all, and an affiliate network has a breadth of brands and verticals to recruit for. This is why your account manager should be executing this.

You can find out how I recruit a scale for my clients here


If you have an exclusive partnership with a brand or business being tracked through Partnerize it will remain exclusive. In search results, Partnerize will not show any publisher in an exclusive singular partnerships with another brand.

Brands live with Partnerize have the option to keep their programs private or open up to participate with Intelligent Partner Discovery

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