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Problem: High Network Fees

Increased network fees should go hand-in-hand with a strong service level. But affiliate networks use higher override to offset the potential lower revenue a brand might produce. If a brand doesn’t make sales, there is a lower network fee being received.

It is a backwards way of looking at things, as these brands need more dedicated management than well-known online retailers.


Taking a traditional network out of the equation opens the door for better network fees. I partner my clients with Saas platforms whose tracking proposition is far superior to your current affiliate network. Also, as I take over the proactive account management, it enables me to secure much lower override rates.

Problem: Low Level Account Management

When you are an SME with traditional affiliate networks you do not receive dedicated account management. You fall under the account development team. What this means is an inexperienced account contact who is handling your brand alongside about 10 others.


Under my management, you get, well…me! My affiliate management experience is far superior to that of the management at the networks. I then combine this with best in class tool to effectively scale programs and deliver incremental growth.

Problem: Recruitment

Affiliate networks offer a great place for brands to see a wealth of publishers all in one place. But, recruiting masses of affiliates is not always the best way to grow a new program. You need the right kind of publisher.


Working with brands I get a full view of their key customer demographics and extrapolate that into my outreach tools. Focusing on who, where and how these customers shop can enable me to find publishers with brand affinity.

I use this brand data to recruit publisher within the network or Saas platform that have a high partnership success rate.

Supporting that my brand new affiliate outreach program enables me to index a large number of potential partners at scale.

  • What affiliate your competitors have
  • What sites that are using subnetworks
  • Lists of most active affiliates
  • Category specific affiliates

Creating this list of potential partners for your affiliate program is only one part. I plug this into my CRM system so that all new partners receive personalised e-mails and follow-ups to ensure they are successfully onboarded.